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Equinox on the scene - check out the colourful, cutesy intros below...

A Bloody Big Fish!

'A screenshot of 'A Bloody Big Fish!' intro

Lazer (our pixel perfect pixie) was always fascinated by the intricate detail of the eye and its iris. As a result he had spent a severe amount of time perfecting a drawing of a very large eye ball.

"Very nice," I said, "but what do we do with it?"

Lazer then went back to Deluxe Paint and incorporated his eye ball into an even bigger fish. This fish took up 4 whole screens! It was the biggest drawing, let alone fish, I'd ever seen on the Amiga!

"Very nice," I said, "but what do we do with it?"

Lazer didn't know. So the fish stayed at the back of my art collection whilst I worked on other projects. Then one weekend I rediscovered this fish and felt a little guilty that it had been neglected for so long. So in order to absolve my guilt, I cobbled together this fishy little number.

Bob's Your Uncle

A screenshot of the 'Bob's Your Uncle' intro

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Equinox-BobsYourUncle.adf.gz (115 Kb)

One day, shortly after I had started Amiga coding, I was feeling a little disheartened about having lots of routines but no finished demo / intro to show for them. So I tried to write a simple little intro, which I called "Bob's Your Uncle". But alas, the code was slow and the code was bugged and I never got round to releasing it.

Much later on, I came across this naff little intro and figured that actually, it could look quite good - if coded properly. With nothing else to do on that bright summers day, that's what I did! And here's the result, a cute little Equinox intro!