StrutsGUI v3.3.0

To download the latest release of StrutsGUI v3 (only for Visio 2002 or later) click on the link below.

strutsgui-3.3.0.exe (3353 Kb)

Visio 2003 Users

To add the StrutsGUI stencil in Visio 2003 you need to do the following:

Start Visio 2003, click "Tools" then "Options". In the "Advanced" tab, click "File Paths..." and type "C:\Program Files\Alien-Factory\StrutsGUIv3\visio\" into the fields "Stencils" and "Templates". Restart Visio.

Source Code

Below you may also download the Visual Basic source code for StrutsGUI v3.3.0 and the raw HTML help files. It was last compiled with Visual Studio 6 (old I know!). StrutsGUI was compiled into a windows installer using Nullsoft's NSIS. The source code for this is not included in the source download for it would considerably increase the size of the download. (1352 Kb)

StrutsGUI v2.13

For Visio 2000 users, you can download an older version of StrutsGUI (v2) by clicking on the link below. (621 Kb)

StrutsGUI v2 requires a manual installation for use with Visio. Full instructions are given in the download.