Steve's Adventures in South America
I bought a one-way ticket to Venezuela and I'm not coming back until my tube of toothpaste runs out...


View From Our Room

Walking to the dining room for breakfast I notice a lit candle in the gloomy reception. There's a power cut. I'm told that the power company usually have it fixed before dark. That's nice of them! Breakfast is a self service buffet affair and I end up stuffing myself silly, complete with 5 cups of coffee. To honour the absence of the dearly departed Isi I even make myself little cheesy scrambled egg sandwiches. I work it off over a couple games of pool and look forward to a couple of hours quiet time to write up my dairy. So I settle down at a table with a beer and my MP3 player, overlooking the valley below and who should come over for a chat? Elba, the Penguin's wife from the bar the other night. Doh! She was very happy and excited to see me again. Double Doh! As I'm tired from yesterday I'm not very talkative so luckily she soon leaves me alone - but not after a quick photo shoot! Sean & Monika see her at the pool in a leopard print swimming costume. Nice.

View From the Restaurant

We (Sean, Monika and I) walk into town for dinner and on the way back I buy a 1 Litre bottle of Bacardi Negra for 50 Bs (£3.30). I don't like the neat taste too much but I figure it'll go well with Coke.

Dog Got Bone

As predicted, power is restored as night falls and Sean and I spend time on the computers, burning photo CDs. We catch the end of Mr Bean on Holiday in the TV room and this rough dog limps in and lies down next to Sean. So Sean starts rubbing his belly and petting him and notices he's blind in one eye (the dog, not Sean!), it's opaque and clouded over. I then point at it's hind leg and scream, "Look, it's got a bone! Ewww!" The dog was missing a toe from it's paw but the bone to the first knuckle was still attached and fully exposed. The skin still a bit pussy and bloody where the bone had punctured it's way out. Eww!

Posted by Steve Eynon