Steve's Adventures in South America
I bought a one-way ticket to Venezuela and I'm not coming back until my tube of toothpaste runs out...

Beach Babes

Uttam & Emily

I sleep in (no, really I do!) until 12:00 and join my room mates Uttam and Rich along with Tony and the usual gaggle of girls (Kristina, Emily, Amanda and Fran) for a trip to the beach. Kristina and Uttam found a quiet one further up the coast from Ipanema where only the locals seem to go. The beach is splendid and the bikini clad bodies that our girls exhibit are simply magnificent. Though it must be said that Emily takes the biscuit, decked out in a simple black number her body is model material if I ever saw it. (Though unfortunately, like our Helen, also has a hunch thing going on.)

Rich, un-reluctantly, agrees to be buried in the sand by the girls. Once buried they fashion him some breasts and male genitalia. Hmm... very Freudian! Amanda takes a phone call on her mobile. She answers it in a lovey dovey voice and walks away shuffling her feet through the sand. It's the most obvious and blatant boyfriend call I've ever seen anyone take!

Ipanema Beach by Night

Come dark we stroll down Ipanema beach and come across a set of exercise "dip" bars. Uttam has a go and manages 3. We all pressure Rich to try it as he's the one with a slim, muscular athletic body. With bulging veins and his head looking like it's about to explode, he pushes out 10. A good effort. After dicking about with a couple of pathetic cartwheels I dare myself to have a go at the dips. I surprise myself (and others!) by pumping out 11!!! I guess all that time in the gym paid off! Better than that, the girls noted that I made it look considerably easy by comparison! Yeah, yeah! I rule! I rule!

Dinner was at a very fine and cool looking restaurant in Ipanema. It was the grandest meal I'd had in a long time; Steak burger and salad followed by a very rich chocolate dessert thing. We hail a couple of taxis to take us back to the hotel - they race each other. It's one of the best car rides I've ever had! Speeding down the street lit back roads, taking short cuts and whipping round corners. These guys didn't even stop for red lights! Seriously, not even a slow down - they just beeped their horns and powered through! I had a front row seat, it was awesome!

I drag everyone out for a Caprihnia at the local bar where I met Francisco, then they have an early night (again!). I head out to Lapa. An awesome place - I just wished I wasn't on my own. There was one stage with live music surrounded with masses and masses of tent stalls, all selling beer and food and pumping out their own Western music of choice. (I found myself hanging around the Psychedelic Trance tent!) Wondering around I even found a really sleazy looking establishment called, "Hotel Love's Nest"! Cool! A few beers more and I'm back for 04:00.

Posted by Steve Eynon