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I bought a one-way ticket to Venezuela and I'm not coming back until my tube of toothpaste runs out...

It's Home Time!

It's Game Over For Timbo!

My tube of toothpaste has finally run out meaning...

It's Home Time!

Timbo and his Colin Bird are also getting married on the 7th July so I should really make an effort to return to the UK for then! (Engaged on 6/6/06, married on 7/7/07.) The white water rafting expedition down the Cotauhasi Canyon finishes on the 3rd July so I decide to travel back straight after that.

I spend the day on the Internet and visiting various travel agents in and around Cusco looking for the best deal to get me home. But getting back from Arequipa (the nearest town to the rafting expedition) seems a bit of an ordeal and it'll take me a couple of days, but hopefully I'll land back in Ol'Blighty on the 5th. That sounds ideal as it'll give me a day or two to recover before making my way over to the Wedding venue.

As a whole I think it's probably a good time to head back. I've been viewing a lot of spectacular sights of late and I've noticed I've not been coo-ing and arr-ing as much as everybody body else. I know I used to but now it's almost a case of, "Naaa, seen better." So there doesn't seem much point in travelling and seeing more sights until I can refresh my perspective and appreciate them fully once more.

So that just leaves me chilling around Cusco for a few days before it's time to leave for Arequipa! Fancy a beer anyone?

Posted by Steve Eynon