Steve's Adventures in South America
I bought a one-way ticket to Venezuela and I'm not coming back until my tube of toothpaste runs out...

I'm Leaving!

Ushuaia Graffiti

The day begins with the Ushuaia usual. A late start followed by Internet and cafe con letche. Come 15:00 I head to the Travel Agents on 245 San Martin. I tried not to arrive with high hopes but I popped in yesterday and the woman (who spoke very good English) took my details on the off chance of making a reservation. She said they often made last minute bookings after cancellations. I couldn't see the same woman today so I spoke to someone else - her English wasn't as good. She spoke to me as if I was stupid - of course I couldn't book a ticket, it's sold out! I persisted and mentioned cancellations again and again. She quickly consulted someone else, who had no time for either me or her. They were fully booked up and could only fill cancellations after checkin had closed. But checkin closed at 20:00, after the arrival of a plane from Buenos Aires, by which time the travel agents would be closed - so no deal. (Well that's what I finally got after 15 minutes of her telling me they can't sell cancelled tickets!?) I felt cheated, not necessarily because of not being able to buy a ticket, but because I'd spent an extra day in Ushuaia when I needn't have. Grrr... so I buy a bus ticket to Puerto Natales for 150 pesos for 08:00 tomorrow.

Beagle Beer

Happy to be finally leaving Ushuaia I treat myself to another excellent fish meal at the same place as last night. (I was recognised and it was commented that I ordered exactly the same meal!) It was accompanied with Beagle beer, followed by more Beagle beer at the Banana bar, followed by pints of Beagle beer at the Dublin bar (whose alcohol content seemed watered down somewhat compared to the bottled variety) followed by Jonnie Walker Gold at Tantra Sara, followed by Jonnie Walker Negra. Surprisingly I was back in the dorm room before the Israelis at 03:30. (I find it difficult going to clubs on me todd.)

Posted by Steve Eynon