Steve's Adventures in South America
I bought a one-way ticket to Venezuela and I'm not coming back until my tube of toothpaste runs out...

The Twin Towers

Our Private Taxi Awaits

In the morning our personal speedboat parks up on the beach outside our house to pick us up. We load up and cruise down the river at speed for 1 ½ hours, skimming the river bank all the way. We transfer into a land taxi (how novel!) for a trip to Georgetown airport to drop Graham off. To get there we need to cross the biggest / longest floating bridge in the world. Only it's due to close mid morning to let some big ships sail through. So our driver speeds hell for leather down congested town roads for some 45 minutes to ensure we make it to the bridge on time. We all agree it was a real scary experience - skimming pedestrians, horse & carts and on-coming traffic at 60mph plus by not much more than a foot clearance. Still, we survived (again!) and we say goodbye to Graham. Graham kindly takes my machete and other nic naks back to the UK for me - save me lugging them around South America and getting constantly "*ruffled*" by city Police.

The Longest Floating Bridge in the World

Back in Georgetown, Richard and I check into Buddies Sleep Inn Hotel for the night ($35 - $50 US pppn). Not only did I leave my Bow and Arrow at Baganara but I've also lost my Cirrus Bank Card. I curse myself for everywhere is closed at the weekend. Cirrus is the only thing the cash points take in this backwards country, leaving me cashless. Richard kindly helps sort me out and Ian asks Baganara to stick my Bow and Arrow on their next flight to Georgetown.

Ian had been going on about having a big night out with his mates on that night but it seems a Timbo had a massive Scottish Burns party the night before and everyone is recovering instead. Shame really, especially as he had been going on about the Twin Towers of Georgetown - 2 fun, black, twin girls he knows, each over 6' plus heels and large frontal appendages! Instead we opt for a quiet beer and dinner at Pegasus before moving on to Wendies Sports bar. Then Terrence turns up, a big black Guyanese geezer. Ian leaves us to crash out so me move on to the Palm Bar where we happen to meet Dion, one of the Twin Towers. Wow! Slowly a crowd of friends builds up and I get some quality time chatting to Dion. It seems she tried her hand at modelling before managing a rock band and their tours around the Caribbean. We move onto El Latinos Club but Terrence doesn't want to go into the "club" part so we chat and drink in the bar part instead. Richard leaves - he has to get a taxi at 6 am to get to the airport. Back to Barbados for a week before re-joining his boat. I find saying goodbye is getting harder, I seem to be doing a lot of it of late. Anyhow, a few more drinks and I'm home for a reasonable 4 am.

Posted by Steve Eynon