Steve's Adventures in South America
I bought a one-way ticket to Venezuela and I'm not coming back until my tube of toothpaste runs out...


Hello - this is a short "interim" blog spot just so you all know were I died if you don't here from me again (!)...

I'm just about to attempt the Circuit of Torres del Paine, on my own. Ooer! Some people do a day drip to the park, fewer do the 4/5 day W trek, even fewer attempt the whole 8/9 day circuit and definitely even fewer attempt this alone! Ooer!

I've bought a shed load of un-nutritious food, rented a small 2 man tent, bought gas, a stove, mess gear, hat and gloves. The rest I hope I already have. (I'd better have, all the shops are closed now!) Only the bare essentials are to be taken.

There should be sun, rain, hail and snow! Could be worse... um?

For those of you who may be concerned that I don't know what I'm doing - don't worry, I'll put your mind at rest by spelling it out - I DON'T KNOW WHAT I'M DOING!

I hope to make contact again in 10 days-ish... no promises!

Right - I gotta go and get my last meat fill for the next 2 weeks at a restaurant before they close too... I leave first thing tomorrow morning.

This is Stevie, signing off.

Steve Eynon\

21:30 28th March 2007\

Juans Hostel\

Magallanes Street\

Puerto Natales\


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  • Mum said...

    Oh Steve what are you up to now!!!

    Back from Siberian Malta where we experienced hail, driving winds, zero temperatures, storms and no heating until Sat when the weather changed for the better.

    You would have to go one beter and do this on your own - typical Eynon!! Anyway, look forward to hearing from you promptly on your return.

    Lots of love Mum xxxxxxx

  • Priya said...

    I hope you will survive, Steve ... Jim and I both are looking forward to seeing you again.

  • Jim said...

    They want to rip out Tapestry, I am the lone defender of this precious technology. Stop mucking around and come back to work!


  • Chris said...

    Jim, you lie like a free digital watch from a packet of cerial.

    Anyway.. have a good Circuit and come back in one piece, looks spectacular.

    Oh, and come back soon, I think Jim is getting tired keeping your seat warm ;)


  • Anonymous said...

    Im bored. Hurry up and finish your galavanting about the park so you can get yourself to a computer and update us on your adventures. :)



  • Anonymous said...

    Hey Bro-

    If you dont make it then Im not sorting all your crap out.

    Im at mums now and shes pissed. I told her not to worry and that you wouldnt do it if it was really dangerous -but she didnt buy it either.

    Your currently about 2/3 days over schedual, at what point am I expected to fly over and start showing recent pictures of you to local non english speaking natives?!


  • Anonymous said...

    Bro - I just googled what your doing and your one crazy bastard! I can figure out the water situation ie ice, although Id be worried gas supplies - but what a bout the food dude - I dont see an abundance of wildlife up those glaziers! I know for a fact that you cant carry enough munch for 10+ days. When me and mike did our 2 day thing our sacks were pushing 22 kilos and we were sharing the weight of the tent and stuff - what the hell are you carrying?!

    The more maths I do in my head - the more I think your screwed!

    arr well - good excuse to fly over...

    and weres my phone call bro - you rang rung mum 3 times now. I know its not expensive - call me at work 01623 491010, Im there 65 hours a week at moe so I doubt yourll miss me!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous said...

    Hi Steve - only mum anxiously awaiting contact of some sort - hope you are back by now and experiencing some comforts of life! LOOK FORWARD TO HEARING FROM YOU SOON - Much love as always xxxxxxxxx

  • Steve Eynon said...

    Ello ello,

    I'm hard as nails! It's official, the doctor told me. They couldn't save the other leg. Not to worry, it's not like I was an aspiring footballer or anything!

    Hey, I completed the actual circuit a day early (due to a couple of 10 hour trekking days) - It took longer as I did an extra leg at the start and stayed on for an extra day to do some cool stuff which I can sum up in 3 words - Glacier :: Vertical :: Ice-Climb! It rocks!

    Only kidding about the leg...

  • womble said...

    bout time too. Bet youve been sat there in the local watering hole for the last week chuckling to yourself as you read the latest anxious comments from the unsuspecting worriers! ;)

    I wasnt worried. No really! - Anyone who can slice thumbs off whilst alone in the jungle is bound to survive.

  • Jeremy said...

    Hi Steve,

    Shame about the leg, I'm just in the mood to buy you a parrot and a eye patch. (Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!).

    Take care nutter,


  • Anonymous said...

    Hey Bro-

    eeerr I wasnt worried a bit... Honest... I just wanted the free holiday...

    Good to speak to you the otherday Steve and your photos look great!! I think the oz/leaving party cd is stuffed though - it looks scratched to hell!

    Also - heres a shout out to all the original Killi crew! Im thinking of bagging another seventh summit this year in Russia "Elbrus". I think the cut of is to be of the mountain by the end of September and will cost about a grand, maybe just over... anyone fancy it?!

    register your interest at (Which is also my company!) and it will motivate me to pull my fingure out and do some more hunting. I thinking private crew regardless of numbers cos I dont like outsiders!!

    Cheers guys and speak again soon Steve...

    Tony Eynon